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Update The latest patch was released on Wednesday, April 3rd (2013)
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Hello and welcome to the RyzomWiki!

This will be a fresh start for the spanish speaking community to have their own wiki. This mainpage should be translated and offers a guildeline on topics desireable. Feel free to copy useful templates from the other wikis here but don't forget to localize them.

-- Yours, The Ryzom Wiki Team

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The Kitins' Lair is the high-end zone of the game: The place that was designed to have the most evil creatures and be suicide to all but the most powerful players. It's also the newest zone, only having been implemented in December 2009.

Recently something is stirring in the Kitins' Lair, and the latest Event Chain is focussed around finding out just what.

The Kitins' Lair is accessible only through Almati Wood, which in turn can only be reached by being teleported from a Karavan Temple or a Kami Sanctuary, or by using one of the special pacts available to some occupations.

The Lair houses various bosses, two rites, and 4 of the 8 occupations take place mostly inside the Lair... Read more.



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Ryzom frees the totality of its Artworks! See here for more information!
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