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Actas de las reuniones de N'ASA

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Of the use of flyners (Nilstilar)

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1h - Tria, Medis 15, 1st AC 2611

Nilstilar joins Zorroargh in Almati Wood.

— Nilstilar : Woren siloy, Nair !
— Zorroargh : Woren Siloy Nair. Take place next to me.
— Nilstilar : Ah !
— Nilstilar: Humm… I'm going to put my plush away, I think… That doesn't look very serious.
Zorroargh shows the blue bow ties hanging from the lampposts.
— Zorroargh;: You think someone put this on for us?
— Nilstilar, smiling: Sil… That is not very serious either.
— Zorroargh: Whatever! I like this color…
— Nilstilar, thinking aloud: Someone…
— Nilstilar: The N'ASA would have friends in high places, do you think, Nair?
— Zorroargh: I have some doubts… Alas!
— Zorroargh: Let's sit down! Otherwise, it would seem that we are taking root.
— Nilstilar: You are right.
Ostium arrives at the meeting and after greetings expresses the satisfaction of seeing the Matis Ambassador attending the N'ASA meeting.
— Ostium: Y am glad to see you here Nair Ambassador.
— Nilstilar, cracking a broad smile: And I am happy to find you there as well as I am happy to find myself there.
— Zorroargh: Nair Ostium, it is the ambassador who will have the talking stick first.
— Zorroargh: Nair Nilstilar is not a scientist, but he has many questions for our community.
Nilstilar takes the stick Zorroargh is handing to him.
— Ostium: Very well. That' s good. Are we expecting more attendees?
— Zorroargh: Normally, yes.
Eeri joins the small group at this very moment.
— Nilstilar, betraying his Matiss origins with a strong accent by welcoming her: oren pyr, Lady Eery
— Eeri, smiling to the Matis: Please, ny-Nïlstilär !
— Ostium: Y am afraid a trouble in the Lakelands is preventing some people from coming. A kitin invasion is underway right now.
— Eeri, confirming: Oy, I just came from there, kitins of the depths.
— Zorroargh: Ah, what a pity we can't predict that.
— Eeri: If we could predict it, we could get rid of it once and for all.
— Nilstilar: Wise comment, Lady…
— Ostium: For that, we keep track of each invasion. And we hope to be able to analyze this data.
— Eeri: As long as you don't rely on me for analysis, ny-Ost…
— Ostium, smiling: Y will see what I can do with the data we got. But that's not what tonight is about.
— Zorroargh, inviting Eeri and Ostium to get closer to the circle: Take a place, sit down!
— Ostium: Grytt.
— Nilstilar: We are no longer waiting for no one?
— Zorroargh: We will start in five minutes, Nair Ambassador? I was expecting two extra people…
— Nilstilarin a whisper to Zorroagh: Your doubts about the authorities were well-founded, it would seem, Nair. Alas.
Taking advantage of this small break, Ostium introduces Eeri to the use of the talking stick in N'ASA meetings.
— Ostium: Ny-Eeri. Do you already know the principle of the talking stick? The meeting has not yet started. We have some time to explain it to you if you need it.
— Eeri: No, I do not know.
— Eeri: Those who speak too lengthy get stick beaten? she says, staring at Nilstilar and laughing, which makes the whole assembly laugh, Nilstilar first.
— Ostium, amused by this teasing between homins who esteem each other: No no, come on!
— Ostium: The concept is simple, and allows for more effective conversations.
— Ostium, pointing to the stickf in Nilstilar's hands: "Only the one who has the talking stick can speak.
— Ostium: When you want to make a comment, or just say something, you raise your hand.
— Eeri: Even thinking out loud?
— Ostium: The stick holder then gives it away, and another person can speak.
— Nilstilar: I'm going to disappoint you, Lady Eeri: when I saw myself on the agenda for this meeting, I was overcome with terror.
— Nilstilar: That of having to talk about matters I haven't really worked on!
— Eeri, with a lopsided smile: "Overcome by terror… it's quite normal for a Matis, an?
— Nilstilar, with a lop(other)sided smile: You should not trust still waters, Lady.
— Eeri: But... It's more of a fyros thing, that, to talk without knowing.
— Ostium, with a lop(two)sided smile: Fortunately, trykers can swim very well.
Zorroargh, without a smile, raises his hand.
— Eeri, smiling: In all honesty, that time when I…
— Eeri, exclaiming at the sight of the raised hand: Have we already begun?
Nilstilar hands the stick to Zorroagh who takes it.
— Eeri watches the stick change hands and whispers to Ostium: "You could have told me it had begun…
— Nilstilar: Hum… As I was saying, Nair Zorroargh has reassured me by making me chairman of the present meeting…
— Ostium whispers to Eeri: It had not begun.
— Nilstilar: … that I declare to be open!
Zorroargh returns the staff to Nilstilar without saying a word, and Ostium nods his approval.
Eeri looks at the three homins and doesn't dare to open his toubhole.
— Nilstilar: First of all, I would like to know the progress of Nair Ostium's works regarding the flight.
Nilstilar hands the stick to Ostium who takes the stick and the floor.
— Ostium: There is a lot to say about flight. At the last meeting, we identified not less than five theories to explore regarding this theme.
— Ostium: And I must confess that I was hoping that some of the homins would come back today to talk about the trails they then said they wanted to explore.
Nilstilar nods at Ostium's words.
— Ostium;: I talked to the engineers about the idea of spinning a blade quickly and horizontally. At the moment, it still requires too much energy to lift too much light a weight. They're looking to see if they can improve it.
— Ostium: Nair Nilstilar. Have you been able to read Nair Zorroargh's report of the previous meeting?
— Nilstilar: Sil.
— Ostium: Ver lor.
Zorroargh raise a hand.
— Ostium: It seems to me that Nair Kyriann wanted to study heliarachnes, and that Nair Do'Ro Thée was eager to study the engineering that could be developed to improve the use of flyers.
Nilstilar draws the minutes from his bag.
— Ostium: Al for my part, y thought of using several flyners to lift a gondola… Unfortunately, given the weight of a gondola, I'm afraid we'll have to give up the idea.
— Ostium: Y am just finishing some checks, in case we made a mistake in our calculations, but hope is low now.
— Ostium: Y have nothing more to add, unfortunately.
Ostium hands the stick to Zorroargh.
— Zorroargh: As for I, I attempted to achieve two things…
— Zorroargh;: The first one, to build small, very light and resistant helixes, should be successful.
— Zorroargh: By observing certain insects and plants, we can create this type of propeller. Of different sizes. As well for large flyers as for mini as Do'ro Thée wished.
Ostium smiles, hopeful.
— Zorroargh: On the other hand, the second point, finding an efficient mechanism to produce the rotation of these propellers, has still not produced results.
Eeri timidly raises her hand.
— Zorroargh: Well, I've been trying to figure out what all the machinery in our wind turbines can be used for… I haven't found it yet.
— Zorroargh, handing the stick to Eeri: I am done.
Eeri looks at the stick for a moment, nods his head and begins.
— Eeri: So if I understand well (I read the report quickly...) the goal is to go exploring the canopy.
— Eeri: But I'm listening to you talking about solutions, each one stranger than the other, except maybe the flyners.
— Eeri: Have not you considered other possibilities? For example… the Ranger vibration? There may be passages…
Zorroargh widens his eyes.
— Eeri: Or, quite simply... Magic?
Nilstilar raise his hand.
— Eeri, cracking her teasing smile: Or again… Stealing a Karavan ship???
Zorroargh cannot repress his smile while his neighbor, Nilstilar, scowls a little. As for Ostium, he has a corner smile, as discreetly as possible.
— Eeri hands the stick to the Matis and adds: "I'll probably have to explain on my idea about the magic.
— Nilstilar, taking the stick, says: "I agree with you, Lady... Humhum!
— Nilstilar: Reading the minutes of the previous meeting, I was struck by the "tryker" nature of all the solutions considered: mechanics, constructions, wind energy...
Zorroargh vigorously approves.
— Nilstilar: However, on our plant planet, there are much more powerful energies than wind!
Ostium raises an eyebrow.
— Nilstilar: The one that animates the plants themselves and that my people are trying to channel for the benefit of the King... of the homins.
Ostium smiles and Zorroargh plays the one who hasn't heard anything. Eeri, as for her, definitely can't get used to the Matis accent.
— Nilstilar: And that of the Sap that surrounds us all and enpowers our spell-casting amplifiers.
Eeri makes a pouty face and refrains from reacting. Ostium and Zorroargh listen attentively, interested.
— Nilstilar, sighing at the thought of Zagabranth Ganancioso: "As for me, I am not botanical researcher. Only an amateur herbalist.
— Nilstilar: But I can ask the…
Nilstilar pauses upon the arrival of Dorothée who apologizes for her delay.
— Nilstilar: I was saying… I can ask the Royal Botanist to look into the genetic improvement of flyners for aeronautical purposes.
— Zorroargh: Wow!
Zorroargh is impatient to hear the reactions and observes his colleagues: Eeri takes a horrified face and raises her hand; Ostium scratches his chin while reflecting, then raises hand as well. Nilstilar clenches the stick tightly and continues.
— Nilstilar: In addition, Serae Canillia, of the Alkiane Order, who has been yesterday promoted into the Tribën Council, has the mission to resume Zagabranth's works.
Zorroargh widens eyes. Eeri sighs…
— Nilstilar: Finally, with regard to the Sap, perhaps we should prospect the Witherings in search of a Zoraï who would comd swelling our ranks.
Dorothée nods.
Nilstilar holds out the stick to Eeri, who grabs it while staring at the Matis.
— Eeri: I'm not here for that I guess. But before the meeting, before you cut me off, I was going to say that, having been a ranger for a long time, I had got to know the Matis.
— Eeri : And that, though I can't help but launch some humorous traits regarding you, I had even learned to appreciate some of them.
— Eeri : Nevertheless, I cannot advise you too much, ser Nilstilar, to stick to your quality of amateur botanist, and advise the Matis to be very careful with these… things.
Nilstilar nods his head as thinking of the Living Barrier.
— Eeri: For if you, of the Kingdom, are able to create vegetable monstrosities, you are on the other hand still unable to control them...
Dorothée thinks about Silan, but Nilstilar, evoking the psykoplas which have been quite useful to push back the Goo of the Void, finds Eeri too pessimistic.
— Eeri, taking a great inspiration and smiling at the Matis: To finish, for the remaining part, I confess to agree with you. The Sap, the magic. But I would like to have the opinion of the rangers here about the vibration, and that of my fyros counterpart, about…
— Eeri, continuing in a low voice: ... the idea of a Karavan ship.
Nilstilar smiles, this time, as he watches Eeri pass the stick to Ostium.
— Ostium: Y hear ideas that I believe could be combined.
Zorroargh nods.
— Ostium: Y will refrain from commenting on some lacks of mastery of plants by the Matis, given that on our side, we have not yet mastered the use of the wind.
— Ostium: On the other hand, this idea of flyners modified by botanical genetics of the Matis, propelled by the wind technologies of the Trykers, pushed by the magic of the Zoraïs, and helped by the vibration of Rangers…
Zorroargh's eyes sparkle with interest.
— Ostium: Look around you, and tell me what you currently see going up to the sky, and which reminds you of the Fyros.
Ostium looks at the attendees for a moment, searching where their gaze is directed.
— Eeri, whispering in a smile: Definitely not the trees.
— Nilstilar, in low voice: The fire.
— Ostium: Exactly Nair.
— Nilstilarlow, dreamy: The fire under the plun…
— Ostium: Y ne connais pas la vibration ranger, al y ne sais pas non plus comment la magie peut être utilisée.Y don't know the ranger vibration, al y don't know how magic can be used either.
— Ostium: But, if this project can involve technologies and knowledge from all countries, that makes it something Great, that no one will be allowed to claim.
Nilstilar and Zorroargh nod with a broad smile.
— Ostium: Then… As far as Karavan ships are concerned… I must say that, unless I am mistaken, the N'ASA is not meant to take violent action, nor to alienate anyone.
Zorroargh bursts out laughing.
— Ostium: We are academics, eager to increase our knowledge.
— Ostium: In order to make it available to all.
Eeri has a relaxed smile and nods her head.
— Ostium: Then, nothing keeps us from asking them to provide us with one for analysis.
Nilstilar vigorously nods in agreement.
— Zorroargh whispers: "Sella", for tryker "sharing" is part of the N'ASA's motto.
— Nilstilar, who has heard, adds in a low voice: "But not in that of the Kamis or the Karavan. Alas.
Dorothée raises her hand and Ostium holds out the stick to her.
— Dorothée: I think we are not the first ones to be interested in the Karavan ships.
Eeri, who has the fine ear of the Trykers, agrees with what Nilstilar said.
— Dorothée: And certainly not the first ones to ask for access to one of them, even if it is limited.
— Dorothée: I think that since the Swarmings, they would have already done so if that was their intention.
— Dorothée: Asking costs nothing, but I believe that we must rely only on our own will.
Nilstilar, Zorroargh and Ostium approve in chorus. And the latter raises his hand.
— Dorothée: About technologies that led the Rangers to the tunnels, Wuaoï, who is a specialist in magnetism, has, as far as I know, always remained discreet towards them, and I regret it.
— Zorroargh whispers: Alas!
— Dorothée: This is unfortunate. I have no doubt that certain levitation operations that can be observed in Zorai architecture may be at the origin of his discoveries.
— Dorothée: But today we can only speculate about this.
Kyriann arrives all out of breath.
— Dorothée: I retain the idea of fire associated with pluns, but we would have to experiment first in the Prime Roots, unless we could bring pluns to the surface.
— Dorothée: If a botanist or botanista is willing to look into the matter, it would be interesting to find out how to feed a flyner whose stem would have been cut off, in order to prolong its life as much as possible.
Nilstilar raises an eyebrow and promises to pass the idea on to Canillia without delay.
Zorroargh keeps scribbling notes, then raises his hand, but points to Ostium's hand, raised before his own.
— Dorothée: As for navigation on water… While searching the dusty archives of the Great Library, I found many preliminary designs of ships.
Nilstilar has a strong cough.
— Dorothée: I intend to gather them, to begin with, in the Communes of the Great Library (this is the room that houses the luciograms) and share them with you.
— Nilstilar, whispering to Dorothée: It is the next item on the agenda, that. Pass the stick to Ostium, naete.
— Dorothée, continuing on its path: At least one of these projects seems feasible to me.
Dorothée passes the stick to Nair Ostium.
— Ostium: If y am not mistaken, flyers fly thanks to a gas found only in their seeds. It might be interesting to see if we can get rid of the leaves to develop a lighter and more aerodynamic shape.
— Ostium: Al y also wished to recall another idea, very good, presented by Nair Do'Ro Thée during the last meeting, which was to fly only a luciograph at the end of a string attached to a flyner.
Ostium hands the stick to Nair Zorroargh as Lylanea joins the group.
— Lylanea: Good evening.
— Zorroargh: I just wanted to remind you that our meetings last between an hour and an hour and a half.
— Zorroargh: Our mental activities during this time are very interesting and rich.
— Zorroargh: They deserve that we take a step back to make them grow.
— Nilstilar, laughing out loud: You were right, Lady Eeri! I have been too much talkatvive again!
— Eeri smiles at Nilstilar: No, not that I know of... But the topics were delicate.
— Zorroargh: No one was too talkative. You all showed your willingness to find answers to the questions we are wondering about. Thank you to all of you.
— Kyriann gives an elbow and whispers to Eeri: Did sul talk garbage to Nair Ambassador?
— Eeri says no with her head: No garbage.
Kyriann is relieved.
— Eeri whispers to Kyriann: I even ventured to say that I don't hate the Matis as much as I used to…
Kyriann snickers behind her hand.
— Zorroargh: Let's keep in mind this small lack in our team: a Zoraï friend would be welcome among us!
— Ostium: If I may… a citizen of the Empire too.
— Zorroargh: Yes, you are right nair Ostium.
— Zorroargh: Who wants to add a last word before we part?
— Lylanea, sighing: I am late again. Sorry.
— Nilstilar: Hum… Do you know Risynshi, Nair Librarian?
— Zorroargh: Yes
— Nilstilar: Would he be interested in our works, in your opinion?
— Dorothée: Rizyinshi.
— Zorroargh: We (emphasizes the "we") can see and motivate him.
— Nilstilar : Phædras Tears is housed in Yrkanis… I will have a word with him on occasion.
— Zorroargh, turning to Ostium: But, I retain that it is perhaps useful to also have non-Rangers like you, Ambassador.
— 'Ostium, confused by Zorroargh's movement and words: Ambassador?
— Nilstilar, amused: As for the Empire... I am not in its good books. I declare forfeit.
— Zorroargh, embarrassed, realizing the source of the confusion: "Ambassador"… In fact, I was answering nair Nilstilar, because, from memory, Rizynshi is Ranger.
— Lylanea: That is it.
— Ostium: Oh! Y understand. Sorry.
Eeri frowns, wondering what "good books" means, but takes up again.
— Eeri: I can take care of bringing a few patriots, but I can't promise you npthing.
Dorothée whispers in Zo' ear that she will contact Rizyinshi.
— Nilstilar: Sil, Phædras Tears is a Ranger guild, but it speaks the dialect of Nat… Crystabell, which would be a plus for our border-free community of researchers.
— Kyriann: Oy.
Dorothée whispers to Nilstilar that Phædreas Tears is neutral, not Ranger, even though most of its members are.
— Zorroargh resumes after what seems to have been the last exchange of the meeting: Thank you all! I declare the meeting closed. I will send you the minutes.
The companions of the N'ASA greet each other and exchange a few more words among themselves.

Hearing Kyriann say to Ostium, to whom she hands a wrap "Kuru gave me this tor sul", Nilstilar, interested, suspends his departure. Zorroargh, as for him, stumble over a small root while turning around to greet everyone one last time. That's how he can hear that follows, exchanged after the meeting…

— Kyriann: They were with us to counter the Kitin invasion of the island.
— Lylanea: Hmmm... Does one of you have other plans? If not, I too am going to leave.
— Kyriann: We will pass you the record of this invasion, Dorothée.
— Ostium: Grytt ad toll. See you soon!
— Eeri, shaking his head at Lylanea: No project, no.
— Ostium: ((screenshot already sent on RC channel))
— Nilstilar: Nice daggers, for sure!
— Kyriann: Y think that after this invasion, we are going to need some rest.
— Lylanea: Enjoy them, Ny-Ostium.
— Ostium, manipulating his daggers for evaluation: "They are very handy and sharp. That will be perfect.
— Eeri: I see, chief. You look out of breath.
— Lylanea: Invasion? Have the beasts made another incursion today?
— Kyriann: Oy. In Enchanted Isle.
— Nilstilar to Lylanea : Nothing special for me either, Serae.
— Eeri: Oy, but it seems they are, fortunately, always pushed back quickly.
— Ostium: Were you able to repel the invasion without too much trouble ny-Amn?
— Lylanea: All right.
— Kyriann: Whites from the depths whose gate had to be destroyed.
— Nilstilar, pouting: ... And yes: the kitin invasion started at the same time as our meeting, Serae.
— Kyriann : Fortunately, we received a lot of reinforcements.
— Lylanea, smiling somewhat sarcastically at the word "invasion": We are really lucky that the creatures keep that way holding back that way.
— Eeri: Well, I'm going back to my occupations! Lorandoy, my friends.
Kyriann kisses Eeri on both cheeks.
— Ostium: Lorandoy ny-Eeri.
Eeri invokes a pact.
Ostium waves goodbye to Eeri.
— Kyriann: Lorandoy Ny-Eeri.
— Nilstilar: … but nothing tells us that the next one will not be the Third Swarming…
— Lylanea: That is true.
— Lylanea: I am convinced that the kitins are just trying us out.
— Lylanea: They want to know how strong we are and what our vulnerabilities are.
— Ostium: It is plausible. Why, indeed, are invasions never more important than previous ones?
— Kyriann: So far, we are holding!
— Dorothée: Maybe another kitinology conference should be organized?
— Lylanea: These incursions are only a test of our defenses.
— Nilstilar: Serae Lylanea is not wrong, I think… Did not we ourselves set up the SKA and CEK for similar tests of their strengths and weaknesses?

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